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  • Welcome to Chat Tieng Anh, where you can have fun and improve your English through online chat.
  • 8 Tieng Anh is quickly becoming one of the biggest English Chatroom on the web. Please help us continue to grow by telling all your friends about us.
  • This English Chat Room is designed for the English learners to practice their English, học tiếng anh and to make friends or pen pals on line. No dirty words here, please!

Learning English

8tienganh.com gives you the opportunity to practice your English language skills in many ways. If you're a beginner, you can start by checking out our vocabulary pages, where you can see, hear, and say new words in English. If you need some help with grammar, listening, or reading, you can look through hundreds of pages of explanations, examples, and exercises or browse through the quiz links section. If you want some conversation practice, you can find a study buddy, tutor, or teacher in our speaking partner program.

Need help with your English?

Need some help with TOEFL or TOEIC*? Check out our TOEFL / TOEIC section. How about pronunciation or idioms practice? Want to improve your Business English speaking and writing skills? We have an extensive list of useful expressions for business encounters as well as phrases for conversation along with situations and topics for pair and group discussion.
All materials are free of charge and organized by skill and level for quick and easy access.Looking for a great place to study English? TiengAnh.net